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DAC not working with type c ports on ROG phone 7

Star II

Hi all, I just bought a Hi-Res Ifi go link type C DAC to use with my iem's but it just doesn't work at all. No audio comes out when connected to either of the type c ports on the phone and it only works after multiple phone restarts and even then, it's not guaranteed.  The 3.5mm jack works as normal, no issues there but the point of buying an expensive DAC like this is totally wasted. Could this be a software issue related to DIRAC or some other nonsense embedded in the audio wizard settings? Could a possible future update fix this anamoly? 


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Just for the sake of trying i just tested my studio DAC (M-Track Solo with the dt770 pros) with the phone and it worked really well first try. So it's definitely a problem regarding your DAC. 

Doubt it. Works with my other samsung phone flawlessly. Even worked on a random motorola and my old ROG phone 5s

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That may not be compatible. I had that problem with Samsung S20 FE - some DAC was working some of them not. But when I plug into ROG 3 that was working perfectly. Many try some other DAC to check if they will work?