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Android System Battery Drain

Zen Master I

Getting a huge battery drain from Android System. Usually the percentage isn't so high & is similar to the Kernel OS. Also, if I'm using an app for longer than usual, it goes above android system in battery usage (as it's being used heavily) however, since last few days android system is eating away at the battery. Anyone having a similar issue on Rog phone 7? Is this normal? Please see screenshot



Hey @waxy78611,
Have you installed the latest FW version? (33.0820.0810.217)
Also, I'd suggest you charge your phone for a few full cycles (to 100%) then use the phone as usual to see if the issue persists. If it does, please provide a screenshot of battery usage from [Settings]>[Battery]>[Battery usage]

Yes latest installed, will send after a full cycle 

I did what you said, charged few cycles. Issue still there. Android system is using excessive battery causing very high temperature and major battery drain. I also did a factory reset but the issue is still there.

I have attached a screenshot. Can you just tell us how to downgrade the software ??

Hall of Fame I

This is quite normal, the high idle drain was a thing since rog2. Even my Rog3 exibits this behaviour. My sony has no such issue.