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Aero active cooler 7 connection issues

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Need help, was playing a game a few days ago with the aero active cooler attached to my rog phone 7 ultimate when both the game and o.s. crashed, I removed the fan that deactivated and restarted my phone, then whenever I connect the fan after, it keeps repeating the connecting and disconnecting cycle rendering it unusuable


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First put device in usb connector from fan without any cable

Wait 2seconds and then close the. Cooler

Then wait for popup for Connected Fan

Then you can connect the powercable befor or after start the app when you like

Works now?


Nope still the same, for reference I attached a screen recording of my issue. Take note, I have not removed the fan during this time frame and the fans are not activating as well

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I think only option is send cooler to Asus Service

Update the device is not possible

make a RMA when nothing on System is changed befor

Hi @Shaniic27 !
I am sending you a PM 🙂