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Problems with auto refresh rate with capture card

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I have a Rog Phone 6D, I play Codm. I am trying to play at 120 HZ but when connected to elgato HD60+ with a cable HDMI 4k60 my phone locks it self at auto refresh rate. Is there a way to play at the refresh rate i like but the capture card display the 60 on the pc? 


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It's work only with Asus professional dock

It's doesn't matter even with professional dock it's locked on 60fps. I have pro dock and I tried everything. I think the reason is that Asus want to prevent overheating since there's no video output with active cooler on, but that's just my opinion, I don't know exactly how the hardware works.

I have proff dock and ROG 6

In pubg work well-done

I have Avermedia live gamer 3(2022y)

May be problem with your capture card

Coller without HDMI it's facepalm

Price +-100$ for 6 and 5, but 5 support hdmi


Sorry for my bad english


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