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Latest updated firmware for ROG6D are not appearing

Star III


I checked the latest firmware page for ROG 6D but it display as latest firm one from May 2023 , as i understand there are more recent firmwares but there are not available in the page. 

We need a moderator to check this and update the page.


No its not rooted but i cannot get it automatically, can you help putting all the newer updates in the support phone page in order to download manually like months ago? 

The files on the website has been updated for rog phone 6. And we'd like the same for the rog phone 6D. That is all

Yes they are correct. Automatic update doesn't show latest version. Rog Phone 6D Ultimate EU version, no root. Oh jeez I just checked my last update was 31-07-23 so basically I missed the last 4 update...