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unlock tool fail to to unlock [24803]

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we needed for support  i have Asus Rog Phone 6 and when i try to unlock boot loader i get this message "unlock tool fail to to unlock [24803]" so wile i searching i find a topic since 2 May say by moderator it's unavailable for maintain  so till now nothing change and there r difference in device firmware and BIOS official support page a lot of update disappear and the unlock tool also

  what hell going on ?


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 I am very sad for this response

No worries mate, I think the France customer service is unaware of the app coming back , I also checked other forum here and the moderator and most of the people here said that it will be back in Q3 of this year, don't worry I'll let you know as soon as the servers are back

thank you my friend
I hope so

Community Manager
Community Manager
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