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ethernet adapter keep disconnecting during games

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hello everybody,
i just bought rog phone 6 three days ago and i noticed some glitches here and there and after searching on internet i found that alot of this bugs or issues happend to other users so i will not talk about it now because majority of that issues is UI related and u can live with it untill receiving new update, but my issue that am gonna talk about is reason that i bought this device and its not accepted at all which is (ethernet adapter connection keeps droping and disconnecting during the game ) yes its gaming phone and the connection keeps dropping. i tried to do many things to fix the issue but nothing solve it, i tried this : unistalled un-nessessery apps+restart device+restart modem+factory reset device ...and nothing solve the issue than i tried to disable the (ARMOURY CRATE) app and i felt that the performance of my device and ethernet connection become slightly better but the issue not solved any one faced something like this. BTW am using good brand adapter (powerology brand) and this adapter works flawlessly with my ipad mini and S22 ultra and am using (cat 6 and cat 7 cable) direct from the router. i wish to find solution for this issue because i cant play call of duty mobile because of this issue!!!

Model Name : Asus rog phone 6
firmeware : Android 12 with last security update
Not rooted
Frequency : sometimes 3 times during the game, sometimes 5 times, sometimes the system not recognise the adapter, sometimes the system takes more than 2 minutes to recognise the adapter, sometimes i need to unplug the adapter 3 times to recognise the adapter
idont know which app causes this and the apps installed on my device is : whatsapp, messenger lite, call of duty mobile

This happend with the USB-C 3.1 located at the left side of the device ( not bottom )

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i think the issue not solved completely because after using (retart trick) the connection become stable and not dropping but i noticed when i connect the headphone 3.5mm to same hub or to device the issue back again and the connection start to drop again !!! so as you said and funbike31 i think the drivers need to update. actully new issue appear now that suddenly the sounds dropping inside the game despite the ethernet connection is good :((((( i think developers should update this ASAP because this is gaming phone....
am wondering why developers ignoring important issues like this?! this device is more expensive than iphone and S22 ultra and this is 6th generation of Asus rog phone series, so all this issue should be solved earlier because ASUS is huge company.
beleive me this device has too much good things to beat the biggest companies like 6000 ma battery, front speakers, headphone jack, smooth ui experience, touch responsive is amazing even if you compare it to iphone and sometimes i reduce the touch responsive by disable ( gloves mode) because of high responsive, and the camera not bad like what people said ofcaurse its not as goog as iphone 13 or S22 ultra but sometimes it gives me better results than both, anyway i wish to fix all of this issue soon or i will sell the device and i will never ever think of this company brand the rest of my life

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i just bought new adapter and same issue happen, messege said ( comunication quality may affected by 3.1 usb....) actully i dont undarstand what this messege mean

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i just bought new adapter and same issue happen, messege said ( comunication quality may affected by 3.1 usb....) actully i dont undarstand what this messege mean

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I already told you, it has nothing do to with drivers, it's just ASUS's horribly buggy software and honestly I don't expect them to fix it within the next year.

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i just received august update with some fixes here and there, but the ethernet connection dropping not fixed !!!
so shall i wait next update or what ? why no one is answering?

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any developer van tell about compatible ethernet brands with my device?
is belkin, anker, adam, ugreen compatible with ASUS ROG PHONE 6 ?
why ASUS PRO DOCK not available in any website in the world ?