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ASUS Rog Phone 6 (Advanced Settings) - help please!

Star I

I hope I'm not asking too much, but I'd like to ask anyone who really knows about the ROG Phone 6 in terms of gaming tuning and all the technical settings to please explain to me what each option means.

If possible as detailed as possible.

(See screens)



My Discord: DerAußenseiter#8873


Zen Master II

That's to adjust your thermal limit, cpu clock speed, gpu clock speed, etc

You just need to find profile thats suitable to games that you want to play

If you try to mess with it your phone performance can get worst and overheat

Rising Star II

Write here what games you play and we will try to send you some settings to see how you can abjust this

Hello. I'm looking for a profile for Call of Duty Mobile full graphics quality 

Looking for settings for the game Summoners War

 Basically for speed runs, so settings that best improve the animation on screen (speed-wise) as well as lowering any loading times between waves (basically you kill one wave, then your team goes into ablack screen and loads up next wave