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wait what? ASUS actually listened to me?!

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After watching dave2D's video, I gotta say, many of my critizisms have been adressed as it seems.

heres the video.
So first off:
No bs 2nd screen on the back, thank god for that.
Clear back panel, being able to see inside the phone, super sexy indeed. I hope this will be an option on the retail products and not just an extra for the reviewers
It's NOT confirmed yet, but from what I can see through the phone it looks like it should be much more sturdy than the Rog5, so breaking it will likely be harder. If its anything like the Rog3 in terms of durability we got a winner
Camera not being shown aka being confidential indicates actual camera upgrade, which is a huge deal.
Speakers seem to have a significant upgrade, I'm not 100% positive yet, but when i compare how loud dave spoke and how loud the phone is in comparison we seem to have one loud phone here and the mids are significantly better as well it seems.

Overall I'm very excited for the Rog6, it isnt confirmed yet and sadly the reviewers getting this phone are mostly clueless so you'll have to wait for me to get ahold of one at some point. In Dave's video we got literally no information on how it performs. I know many are waiting for me to look at the phone before purchasing it since I was one of the very few that actually saw the issues with the Rog5 before it even released and warned people.
And no, I'm not getting one from ASUS, I am purchasing it like any other here on the forums, so it will take a while until I can even get ahold of one, so please be patient.

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That's actually ASUS specialty, salute tech support of ASUS

I personally dont give a crap about 3.5mm port, I think dongle is just fine, especially if it means I get bigger speakers or better cooling. As for VoLTE, techncially the Rog phones support it, however ASUS's way of enabling it per carrier is quite questionable.

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It will be presented in 2 hours

The fan should do its job this time, Peltier technology

Improving, IPX4, Cooling

The negative points are (personal opinion)

Missing the SD slot for storing videos/photos

Same 6000 battery and 65w load, I bet on the same 2 elements, it won't pass jerry's test, to forget for fans of jean pockets

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