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Suddenly no sim service provided, Sim card detected but no service

Star I
Basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG Phone 5
Firmware Version: 18.0830.2101.86
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: 3 times. It will recover itself but causing bad experience
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
video that proven sim does not have malfunction.


Star I
I can't comment or write link in post, but I did upload the video on youtube.
ROG Phone Sim error - Rubick Do

Zen Master III
18.0830.2101.86 Deliberate choice or tencent model?
You are not a video specialist lol, the angle is really not great
The causes can be
1) IMEI of the Rog 5 is Blacklisted by the operator, multiple causes, report of theft in progress, someone's bad joke, usually the cheated girlfriend 🙂

2) Chipset burned out, connection cable disconnected, same for the antenna cable
Not seen any other rog 5 with the Sim chipset in question but many with the connection cable disconnected
The cause is always the same, the cable which has no length margin is disconnected or torn by the flexing caused when the smartphone is carried in the front/rear trouser pockets.
It breaks in two when the bending is large, the cable disconnects in the medium term with a lot of small bending.
You can test the operation of the sim in the 2 slots with .12345= and another sim but I think that is the cause.
Does your fingerprint reader still work?

Star I
18.0830.2101.86 is tencent model.
But the problem occurs will recover back to normal somehow, like this time it recovers at time 10 something. But the problem will be back again and again......
So, IMO I don't think is the chipset burnout...
Fingerprint reader still working
and what it the .12345= means I don't know what was that😅
Yeah, the video did look sucks, but i tried😓

Zen Master III
Never seen half HS chipset, it's all or nothing, so I'm thinking for the cable which is starting to disconnect a bit.
If it's the cable, you can try pressing hard on the back (smartphone lying flat on a cloth) at the bottom of the phone just a little below the fingerprint sensor. in some cases it works, otherwise you have to open the smartphone to reconnect the tablecloth/cable
Here is the calculator test manual, sorry, I only have it in French, but hey, the pictures should suffice.
le site n'accepte pas les pdf, j'ai changé l'extension en jpg, si ça passe renomme en .pdf