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Rog 5 FAQ video by Geekyranjit (Indian YouTuber)

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This is an English review and mainly directed towards those interested in the phone in India

This reviewer one of the best unbiased ones in India right now


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The link

This phone is hidden on Amazon India and google link leads to the promotion page 😂

They did it a while back and still the same

OnePlus/Amazon trying to save face probably

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I was expecting braided cables iny box when I unboxed. I was (am still) disappointed for what they did in the teaser and what they delivered in the box isn't it double standards. If they are cost cutting then the customers should be informed atleast what they are expecting while after buying the product (I took rog3 on first day first sale then realised and felt scammed for simple braided cable ) for me simple things matters a lot. I didn't even care about other brands

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Rog 5 base and OnePlus 9 base both cost 50k in India for 8/128 (665$)

OnePlus 9 pro costs 65k (865$) for 8/128

Have you watched the video? He clearly says display is a lot better than rog 3 at lowest brightness in all contents plus people with R5's on Facebook say the same that the display is much better than rog 3's

1.Rog 5 uses an E4 Samsung 144hz custom made panel

OnePlus uses an Samsung 120hz panel

2. Both are marketed as "5g ready" in India but R5 has 11 5g bands and OnePlus 9 and pro just have 2 and who's to say that only two two bands will be employed in India?

3. OnePlus 9 has no OIS neither rog has OIS, OnePlus 9 has an imx 689 (48mp) Rog 5 has an imx 686 (64mp) both have decent wide angles and macro

I won't say one is clearly better than the other both of these lenses are pretty good and shine in their respective areas

Gcam wise Asus does better as Asus is pro gcam and allows aux support and 48mp raw support in gcam without root unlike OnePlus which locked aux support in stock on OOS 11

4. OnePlus has gorilla glass 5 on front and back,R5 has Victus on front and GG5 on back

5. Best in smartphone market stereo speakers in R5 (with amplifiers) compared to OP9's "stereo" with an earpiece and bottom speaker which isn't that good

6. Notification led and headphone jack with dac in R5

7. Bigger battery (4500 mah is just not enough for 888)

8. Air triggers which has a lot of usability with extra gestures and can even be used as a zoom trigger in camera app

Dual type c port,better haptics,quad mic with all the noise cancellation tech,Wifi 6E (OnePlus 9/pro lacks this), better touch sampling, better ui with more features and no bloat, better touch sampling R5 300hz Op9 240hz

And more

Now say what will you take at same price?

I'd go for rog if I consider 888 phones it's the most value for money one

Thermal wise to OnePlus 9 pro is restarting during gaming due to heat,apps are force closing and phone heats up in normal usage and this is for "pro" which has better cooling idk how base 9 will be that phone has been neglected so far none have reviewed it properly

One more thing OnePlus 9 has an plastic frame 😞

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1.) The display of the Rog3 is actually quite good once calibrated, that being said the display of the Rog5 has severe black crush. Even on bright scenes the shadows are so black, details completely dissapear, there are some comparisons with the mi10 for instance perfecly showcasing the problem. While both are samsung (op and rog5) displays, the one rog5 is using has been mishandled quite drasticly. This also happened with the rog3, where ASUS has miscalibrated it to the point where it got severe color banding.
2.) 5g is a valid point, that being said the bands don't mean everything, the problem with many bands are that they are simply not used, but your point still stands.
3.) The camera is FAR superior on the Oneplus, it's not even an argument at this point. The main camera of the Oneplus has far bigger sensors that capture far more light. You're literally saying there isnt much difference between 2.24micrometer and 1.6micrometer lens, which is ridicolous. Also oneplus camera software is also much better than the ASUS's. The ultrawide isn't even comparible between those two, the oneplus has a high end 50MP ultrawide camera while the rog has some crappy cheap 16 mp ultrawide lens, implying they are even remotely on the same level, easily showcases your lack of knowledge in the matter and disqualifies you any argument about cameras at this point.
4.) All marketing blahblah, glass is still glass no matter how you call it, this is wonderfully demonstrated by jerryrigeverything where you can see the glass scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 and shatter as easily as well when he did the bendtest and broke the phone easily because of its flimsy design.
5.) While it has impressive stereo speakers, the black shark 4 pro has better speakers, hence the rog5 isn't the best. It's a fact:
Black Shark 4 Pro Audio review: An outstanding evolutionBut thats not a point we should argue about because I never said you're wrong on that one, while I do not know how the OP9 sounds, I'm very certain that the rog5 is superior in that regard.
6.) Is easily doable with AOD to have notifications in real time on your phone so I don't really take that as an argument with notification LED, while some people like the 3.5mm headphone jack I think it's simply not that much needed anymore, not many are using 3.5mm headphones anymore and have gone over to bluetooth, that being said I suppose you can still roll with it as a bonus.
7.) 4500mah for a non gaming phone is absolutely fine, remember this phone isn't made for gaming hence the high temps on the phone and throttling.
8.) much blahblah not translating into real world practicality aside from the dual type c ports which I use for certain usecases which normal consumers don't use.

If i had a choice I would still choose the OP over the rog5, as already mentioned, superior display, superior camera, superior support. I like my phone to last, hence I purchased the rog3 and fixed the display myself which I made a topic about here, not only that the rog5 already has some very concerining behaviour that could lead to another power IC chip failure rate. A gaming phone that is easily breakable, overheats and already has some very concerning overheating problems is an absolute nogo. The worst about it is that the support in certain regions is absolutely lacking. I am lucky to live in a region where the service center does a fast and nice job, however especially in asian regions there is a huge problem with the service centers as can be seen on the rog2 and rog3 sub forums. If i had to buy another gaming phone that isnt a rog3 I would have gone with red magic 6 as it seems so far to be the most stable and well thought out phone, also best performing phone.
To give you an idea how much of a heater the rog5 is:

So gotta admit my custom kernel doing quite some impressive work on Genshin impact. Not only is the performance great but no throttling whatsoever. The clockspeeds are ridiclolously stable and performance is great.


As can be seen on these stats, the CPU and GPU are rock solid, no throttle whatsoever over a period of 18minutes gameplay! The small drops you're seeing in FPS are happening because of opening map/inventory as most people probably know everytime you open these menus it gets a tiny microlag.

When I compared to the throttlephone 5 I had to wonder what ASUS was thinking:


Genshin Impact on Rog3
The Rog5 is bad on many levels, The moment i saw the USB warning I wouldnt want the phone at all due to probably another IC chip problem that I just don't want to deal with. You can fall for all the marketing fluff, but tech savy people will not fall for it, this is also the reason why you see many devs who got asked if they get the rog5 answer with "I won't be buying this phone". The phone was rushed and i critized asus for it a lot of times for very bad design on many areas for it as well, it's all flashy "hey look at me" with no real substance, also with misleading marketing, for instance they advercate that the speakers are 35% larger, which is absolutely nonsense which can be seen on jerryrigs video. It's simply the top speaker box that got 35% larger but the actual earpiece is smaller hence there is no notable difference vs the rog3, infact the bottom speaker is actually smaller than the rog3 as well. Same with their "ESS SABRE DAC" bs, while they now are using the sabre dac, it won't make a difference because the output stage is basicially same anyways and won't make a difference vs the rog3. If you compare the rog5 and rog3 presentation you'll notice how much they tried to mislead the customer because it was simply a not very competitive phone, the rog3 barely got any informations out on the marketing, because ASUS knew it was a good phone and major updgrade to others based on the chipset alone, while the ROG5 was hardly any improvement and got crushed by the competition. Rog5 is easily the worst gaming phone of 2021.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


This is an English review and mainly directed towards those interested in the phone in India

This reviewer one of the best unbiased ones in India right now

Rog 5 FAQ video by Geekyranjit (Indian YouTuber)
He didn't even address black crush issue for rog3 when he did QnA. How can he be unbiased reviewer? Or did get paid more to his promotions for the phone?