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Rog 5 FAQ video by Geekyranjit (Indian YouTuber)

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This is an English review and mainly directed towards those interested in the phone in India

This reviewer one of the best unbiased ones in India right now


Rising Star I

You get much inferior display, inferior camera, much worse durability and support. I wouldnt say its better value by a longshot. If the phone wouldnt throttle I'd say its worth for gamers specifically but considering that it does I really think the rog5 is terrible value right now, I suspect a pricedrop very soon.

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Rog 5 base and OnePlus 9 base both cost 50k in India for 8/128 (665$)
OnePlus 9 pro costs 65k (865$) for 8/128
Have you watched the video? He clearly says display is a lot better than rog 3 at lowest brightness in all contents plus people with R5's on Facebook say the same that the display is much better than rog 3's
1.Rog 5 uses an E4 Samsung 144hz custom made panel
OnePlus uses an Samsung 120hz panel
2. Both are marketed as "5g ready" in India but R5 has 11 5g bands and OnePlus 9 and pro just have 2 and who's to say that only two two bands will be employed in India?
3. OnePlus 9 has no OIS neither rog has OIS, OnePlus 9 has an imx 689 (48mp) Rog 5 has an imx 686 (64mp) both have decent wide angles and macro
I won't say one is clearly better than the other both of these lenses are pretty good and shine in their respective areas
Gcam wise Asus does better as Asus is pro gcam and allows aux support and 48mp raw support in gcam without root unlike OnePlus which locked aux support in stock on OOS 11
4. OnePlus has gorilla glass 5 on front and back,R5 has Victus on front and GG5 on back
5. Best in smartphone market stereo speakers in R5 (with amplifiers) compared to OP9's "stereo" with an earpiece and bottom speaker which isn't that good
6. Notification led and headphone jack with dac in R5
7. Bigger battery (4500 mah is just not enough for 888)
8. Air triggers which has a lot of usability with extra gestures and can even be used as a zoom trigger in camera app
Dual type c port,better haptics,quad mic with all the noise cancellation tech,Wifi 6E (OnePlus 9/pro lacks this), better touch sampling, better ui with more features and no bloat, better touch sampling R5 300hz Op9 240hz
And more
Now say what will you take at same price?
I'd go for rog if I consider 888 phones it's the most value for money one
Thermal wise to OnePlus 9 pro is restarting during gaming due to heat,apps are force closing and phone heats up in normal usage and this is for "pro" which has better cooling idk how base 9 will be that phone has been neglected so far none have reviewed it properly
One more thing OnePlus 9 has an plastic frame 😞

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I would never buy an asus product again by their support (I'm telling from clear mind after waiting for black crush fix from it day1 ) given by them and this zentalk will those devs really look into atleast to know what's going on with the products they hv put into the market.

First they didn't even acknowledge the black crush issue.

Secondary They didn't provide a braided cables for India region ( it's like serving customers with double standards) I could had paid even for aero cooler if they had sold all together in a single package like they did it globally.

Finally they device compatibility sucks as far the add ons go like aero cooler of latest gen can't be used to their own backward Rog devices even though they are using some sort of same technology for connecting.(I really wish someday in future they will provide and universal cooler which supports most of the rog line ups)

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Indian models are lower priced than global ones and the difference is 15-20k+
That's why in R5 too we gwt 30W charger in box not 65W you can buy those seperately tho it's not "double standards" you pay less and get less
They can't sell in India without competitive pricing which they have done since R2
And about accessories many are not compatible with R5 as it uses an different type of connector pin compared to past Rog phones

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About OnePlus 9 pro this is the fate of that 65k phone in India smh
These are only some of the reviews "on the top"

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Some even got faulty units with hardware issues
Lines on display,dead phone 😖

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This is "Pro" not the "base" one In which they have done a lot of cost cutting FYI