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Phone got Stolen :(

Star I
Hello, my phone got stolen, Its was ROG 5. Any way to track it?

Zen Master III
it's something you have to configure before the flight, if nothing is configured on the rog5 and you have a PC, you can try to configure the location tracking on Chrome, to activate the location tracking and synchronization between devices.
It's a hypothesis, I don't know if the rog will ask for validation, normally I start with the smartphone.
In any case, the phone must be on, so if the thief turns it off, it's dead and only the operator can deactivate it but not locate it (well, not for a simple theft)

Community Legend II
Hi durga,
I will check with the team and get back to you in personal inbox with the steps. 1st thing would be to file a complaint in nearest Police station.

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