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Can't log on to ArmouryCrate

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I wanted to check my firmware version on my new Asus phone, I read somewhere ArmouryCrate was the app to do that, but I think the app isn't working properly, as I can't log on to it.

Model: ROG 5s
Firmware Version: Not sure, probably very recent since I bought it two days ago and applied updates as prompted (EDIT - found it: 31.0810.1226.77)
Rooted: Not rooted
Frequency: Always.
App name: ArmouryCrate version

Problem: On the My Profile tab, it prompts me to use the Account Login to check account information.
When I login, it flashes a gray screen with 'Login success' down the bottom for less than a second, then it returns back to the prior screen with the same prompt 'Please complete account login to check your account information''


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@hugorune7 Please log out and log in to the MyASUS system app.
Settings -> Support -> MyASUS
That should solve your Armoury Crate login issue.

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