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Android 13 Game Genie is not working

Rising Star I

Model Name: ASUS ROG Phone 5S Pro

Firmware Version: Android 13 33.0210.0210.200

Rooted or not: Not

Frequency of Occurrence: all the time

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Game Genie


After updating to Android 13 a few hours ago my Game Genie is not showing ingame when I am trying to access it via the left side gesture.


Thats weird. Mine is working fine.  Might be device specific issue. 

Swipe right from top left corner and it should work.

Thank you 🙏

Rising Star II

Slide diagonally. From right/left upper corner towards downward  like this.:down_right_arrow::down_left_arrow:

This version of Game Genie Sucks.. Please give us back our old game genie.

Phone is overheating, and why you wanna hide CPU speed in game genie? Network switch is a useless feature added.

This update is very unfinished. I regret upgrading to A13, it has too many bugs.

Bypass charging is also not functioning properly.

Screensaver doesn't work (big digital/analogue clock).

Charging animation stops after few seconds.

My god what you have done. I can add so many bugs to this list. This is ridiculous.