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Unable to screen record in 60 frames per second on ROG Phone 3.

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Hello, so I have the ZS661KS model running on the latest .99 update.
My phone is not rooted.
Frequency of occurrence: allways.
I would like to record my screen in 60 frames per second to minimize the lag in pubg, but its not possible and the phone is forced to record in 90fps range.
I tried both third-party options and built-in screen recorder and every single of them records in 90fps + unless i set the screen refresh rate to 60hz (thats not an option considering that i want to enjoy 90fps in PUBG Mobile, that means i need to set the 90hz refresh rate)
Is there any possibility to record 90hz (optionally 120hz, 144hz) at 60 frames, if that is not possible could you add this kind of option ?
I noticed that in third-party screen recorders you have an option to choose the framerate, but it does not work and the phone keeps recording in 90fps range.
Edit: Problem solved with an app called RecMe

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@tvnaymad The built-in screen recorder will match the refresh rate of the display, up to 90 Hz.
I'm glad you were able to find a third-party app tailored to your needs. Happy gaming!