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Spotify Media Controls on Lock Screen Not Working

Star II
Using the ROG 3 there's literally no way to get the Spotify media controls to show. I've tried giving *EVERY* permission there is, enabled all the notifications and everything related to displaying media on lock screen, but they won't show up.

Theme settings doesn't matter, I've tried 3 different ones including the default. Removed all the facial unlock features to make sure it's not interfering etc. I'm stumped that the lockscreen is so static compared to most other phones I've had.

Edit: Reinstalling Spotify and restarting phone seemed to fix it after redoing all the settings. Still unhappy with lack of lockscreen customization but at least this got the media controls open.

Community Legend III
Good to hear you were able to resolve your issue. I'll forward your feedback on lock screen customization. 🙂