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rog 3 volte not functioning after update android 12 (31.0210.0210.230) not rooted

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VoLTE works just fine with Android 12 OTA update.

Make sure that the WIFI calling option is disabled though.

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Pretty vague and unhelpful post cluttering up this thread. Also funny because there is no wifi calling option for us with this problem. Are you in the U.S. what carrier? are you even using ROG3? If it works fine for you why are you here?

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Any chance if a fix by the weekend?

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Hopefully the next update can not only fix the VoLTE issue but also enable VoWIFI as well as my carrier supports it

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Any chance if a fix by the weekend?

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I don't know if they could QA test a fix that quickly. It just depends on how complicated the fix is, and how many carriers are effected.

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I called yesterday, just to get told that my phone is out of warranty and that she couldn't help me.
She escalated my case, and they want me to submit a log report. Haven't had a chance to do it yet. I had to buy a new phone to even be able to call them. This is totally unacceptable.