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I'm staying on Android 10

Rising Star II
Scenario: I'm still on an older A10 firmware (.99).
My question is, once A11 is released and i decide to get A10's latest version, will ASUS still give me an option to do so or are they just gonna shove the A11 down my throat instead when i hit update.

Rising Star II

Good question. It's just my personal preference that's all. Plus if it still ain't fixing the black crush then what's the point.

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Consider rooting in that case. No more pop ups😀😀

Rising Star II
At end Android 10 was the one introducing very useful features to this system, the only reason I would ask for android 11 is a black crush fix.
For sure android 11 will give some little improvements, but nothing that people really need, so I will surely wait some months before installing it to see the feedback of users.
Considering all the time they take to release it, I just hope it will solve the bugs instead of adding new ones