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Double Tap to Wake not working

Star II
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
ROG Phone 3
Firmware Version - i could not find
not rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: Every time
I am using ROG phone 3 just received a brand new phone yesterday and i am facing the same problem as mentioned above. Double tap to screen off is working properly but Double tap to screen on and Swipe up to wake up is not working at all.
is this because of my Tampered glass? Or there is a problem with my Phone.

Gestures on Dark screen like W,S,Z to launch different apps are also not working. Inshort once the phone is locked/in idle mode none of the gestures work. Except 'lift to check phone'
is there something i am missing out or doing wrong. Please need help with this issue ASAP


Hall of Fame III
This will be fixed in a coming FOTA. Thank you for your help!