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Black crush STILL is a huge problem!

Rising Star I
So yeah, the Rog Phone 3 still has the infamous Black Crush issue in June 2022 and it is VERY noticeable, especially when using the camera or whenever watching a dark image or video, the OLED screen feels so washed out in general actually.
If i understand right the only fix for the moment is to have the @Danishblunt kernel but i guess he cannot provide for the whole community of course, so i am wondering are the devs even thinking about resolving this issue for everyone or what?
I feel a little mocked by Asus devs, one independent user managed to create a good fix but a whole company didn't... i think it is time to act

Rising Star II

If asus is going to refund the amount of my phone...i would have surely moved to another brand. But its our problem that we have already spent a lot of amount on this phone. Only thing is wait for miracle when Asus decide to fix it for good. @Admin Please have a look on asap.

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They won't ever... Dont buy any rog device and don't let anyone else buy it

Star III
Same here after updating to A12 it's worst if I watch any Normal and HDR(Worst) video my screen looked like completely washed out.

Rising Star II
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