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Black crush issue

Star I

In facing black crush in my display after updating last Android 12 in my Rog phone 3. Also I'm seeing a grainy elements in the interface design ,like Matt screen attached to my display. Greys and blues are completely grainy. You tube is not able to play HDR videos. When I play a HDR video night light like shade is overlaying on the screen.  Any solution ?


Star III

The solution is not buying Asus products  anymore, they are poorly made, with low quality components. Rog screens were never good to begin with, don't be fooled again by the impressive numbers they boast in ads. The panel is low quality, has black smearing issues, grays are tinted, and black crush is a certainty. 

My phone in low brightness disgusts me, gray backgrounds are all stained with a purple tint with uneven brightness, a characteristic truly present in cheap AMOLED screens, which is the case on Asus phones. 

What do you mean?

You don't want old samsung E4 (which was mid range in 2020) panel on newest 2023 phone that touts as being a flagship?

How weird!

I had flagship phones from 2020 that uses the same E4 panel and have neither of these issues. That's not an excuse. 

The e4 panel isnt used on the rog3 also the e4 panel is quite underwhelming and has no business being on a flagship phone. 

It literally exists on 400usd phones lol.