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A Phone Permission Question after A11 Update

Rising Star I
I succesfully updated to A11 and everything fine so far, but every time after a fresh new installation I'm checking all default Phone Permissions and found out that this two permissions weren't there in A10, but are in A11.
The first apk is "CarrierDefaultApp" and I think the permission for this app can be left disabled, I found out it's just an APK that is used on the first Install, after the Fresh Phone Installation this App is like...dead..., so I also disabled the permission.

But the second apk which is called "com.qualcomm.qti.devicestatisticservice"
I couldn't find any information about this tiny Qualcomm App and it wasn't in my Phone Permission List on A10.
I disabled it so far, but can someone inform me if I should leave this APK Permission Enabled?
Can someone even explain me this Qualcomm APK??? I can't remove this App, but I would like to know if I miss on anything if I disable the permission. Is it just a Telemetry App for Qualcomm or do I get any failure as long as I leave this app permission disabled? I appreciate every Information.
Thanks in Advanced 🙂