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Wifi Issue with ASUS TUF A15 2020 (FA506IC) Model

Star I
Dear Asus community,
I really need your help, Its getting frustrating now that my fairly new laptop is having issues with wifi, It sometimes goes off and never comes back on. I have tried the troubleshoot asus service center provided me, i.e Press Shift + Shut down and it will work as a temporary solution. However,when working on important things, this isn't feasible. I had complained this to the ASUS service center and they were kind enough to replace my wifi card as the laptop was still under warranty. Unfortunately, the issue still persists which makes me think that this isn't an hardware issue more like something to do with software. I tried updating bios, installing the latest drivers of Mediatek from asus website, Resetting the network, disabling and enabling the drivers from device manager, uninstalling both the Bluetooth and wifi drivers from the system and reinstalling it. I tried everything that i can think of... but the issue still persists, considering that the wifi card was just replaced a week ago because of the same issue, can someone please help me in rectifying this ?

Rising Star II
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