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ROG XG Mobile activation/deactivation window bad usability

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System: Windows 11 Pro 22000.446
Battery or AC: ROG XG Mobile
Model: GV301QC
Frequency of occurrence: always
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
When I deactivate ROG XG Mobile the confirmation dialog jumps around the screen causing too many mouse movements and time to accomplish an action. See recorded video.
Also, the system places apps to NVidia GPU incorrectly. As you can see neither of the 3 apps below aura must not use discrete GPU. I raised that question to all developers and Modern Flyouts users checked that it does not happen on Surface Book with discrete GPU.


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Hi there,
When the GV301 is not connected to XG mobile, which GPU are these apps using?
The AMD one or NV1650 ?
Thank you.

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They use NVidia 3050

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Guys, please, fix this weird user flow with 3 windows jumping around the screen!
Each deactivation of XG Mobile drives me crazy.
You can easily combine all that into a single window and a one button click.