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Registering a product

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I'm attempting to register my motherboard so I can download the drivers but it repeatedly says my serial number is wrong. I dont have the box anymore and I'm taking the number straight off the motherboard but I'm not sure what else to do as it refuses to accept the number.



Here we mainly discuss the issues/questions related to ASUS laptop & Phone product.
For your Motherboard questions, I suggest you contact our local call center to have further assistance.
Please refer to below and find the link of local call center.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

** How to find Product Serial Number 

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If your serial number contains  number ZERO and alphabeht O, then please type carefully zero as zero and O as o, to differntiate between zero and O look carefully in zero the will be having  a  diagonal disection in zero.....

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Community Manager
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