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Limit/target features in Manual mode of Armory Crate is gone (TuF laptop)

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The manual mode used to have limiting features that let us set limits such as maximum temperature for GPU, maximum watt/TGP for CPU etc, in addition to overclocking feature for GPU.

All of these features are gone now. The only feature that remained in the "manual" mode is the fan curve.

Is this issue only happening to me or Asus changed Armory Crate with updates and this is how Armory Crate is now?

It is so disrespectful to remove important features of a software that comes preinstalled and is advertised with the laptop.

The laptop is Tuf A15 2022 FA507RM (RTX 3060, Ryzen 7 6800H)


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At least you have a "Manual Mode", on my laptop (F17 2021 3050Ti, 11400H) I don't see any Manual mode or fan control. There are only Silent mode, Performance mode and Turbo mode. Like what's the point of even installing this bloatware.


May I know what version of Armoury Crate you are using?
Could you please provide screenshots for me to confirm?
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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Community Manager
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