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ASUS Zen Screen MB165B not recognised by Windows 11 OS

Star I
System: Windows 11 Pro
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ASUS Zen Screen MB165B
Frequency of occurrence: Permanent
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video: N/A
Detailed description:
When connecting the ASUS Zen Screen MB165B to my laptop which has Windows 11 Pro OS the ASUS logo comes on but then the screen just goes blank and my laptop does not recognise the device. It worked once by chance but doesn't work at all now.
I've downloaded the Windows 11 driver, used all different combinations of connecting the screen and restarted my computer a million times to try and get it to work, but it just doesn't work.
Has someone figured out what the issue is?

Rising Star II
Hi there,
Here we mainly discuss laptop related issues.
If you have questions with your Zen Screen MB165B, we suggest you contact our local call center to have further assistance to you.
ASUS - Contact UsThank you.