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Asus tuf f15 lagging issue

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Hi, i bought my laptop around 1.5 month ago via online .when it's running in battery it suddenly runs very slowly and when its plugged works correctly and even sometimes the display gets lagging issues when played in higher quality.

Please help me resolve this issue


Its been to many days i haven't received any updates regarding my laptop issue....

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I am sharing video in which you can see that .when charger plugged in the laptop operates at a very high refresh rate and runs smoothly as scrolling of PDF you can see over there but when unplugged the refresh rate suddenly drops and the PDF scrolling is very slow .In video it may not be much visible i am facing a serious issue related this .

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@Prasad_1619 Is it while playing games ? or in normal mode

In normal mode

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I have the same problem, after three weeks of your post, have you been able to find a solution to this?