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Asus TUF F15 GPU Fan issue

Star I
I got this laptop today and noticed that the GPU fan speed in the Nvidia HUD always shows as 0 rpm, even when the GPU temp is up at 80 degrees. Asus own monitoring software - armoury crate and MyAsus, show normal looking GPU speeds.
Also, when I ran a diagnostic on the fans using MyAsus I got possible fan problem alert the first time I ran it, but every other time I ran it afterwards (tried 4 or 5 times) it says everything is fine?

Star I
Hi, thanks! I updated MyAsus and ran the fan test. It passed - no problems found. However, one strange thing I noticed this time was that the fan speed indicators in MyAsus both read 0 during the test - even though the fans were clearly spinning from the noise.

Community Legend II
Hello Neil,
We have confirmed with the designers that from this version on, the diagnostic tool would not be reading and showing in time RPM during testing.
So it is normal to see 0 RPM. No need to worry.
Thank you.