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Asus TUF 15 latency spikes

System: Win 11
Battery or AC:
Model: FX506LH-HN283T
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
So I recently bought the asus tuf 15 notebook. 800 euro, my biggest expense as a 16 year old, bought it myself. I want to ask if I can fix my problems with latency spikes. Because only when i delete my realtek internet card the latency goes away. But I do not want to do this anymore.
Anyone have solutions? I really tried everything!!!!

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welcome in this new asus spike world

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Hi there,
so the issue happen only when you connect to Wifi?
Have you tried with different Wifi hotspot?
And what is your Wifi driver version?
Thank you.

Yes I tried it with another hotspot and I checked that I have the newest driver version, I discovered that it's a problem that can hardly be fixed. I removed my realtek from devices and of course it reappeared and now my problem is mostly fixed. Every 45 mins I get latency variation but that's gone in 1 min.
SOLUTION PING PROBLEMS WITH ASUS TUF: go to device manager or devices and delete your WiFi adapter from your laptop. Of course when it is in your laptop installed it will reappear and this fixed MY ping problems.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,
Can you check if you are using the old driver, the initial version, does the issue happen?
Thank you.