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Asus S15 fan repair

Star I

I'm curious because I took my laptop to Asus to repair the fan because the CPU fan broke. They first said we'll replace both fans. Didn't give me a price, they said I'd have to wait until the fans come to get a price. Then they came and I got told that the price to fix is gonna be like $800 AUD... Because apparently if I replace the fans, the Laptop might start overheating, the Motherboard might get broken and now it doesn't have warranty and all this **bleep**...

Is this Asus trying to scam me or something? Because I call bull**bleep** if they can't just replace 1 fan that stopped working without breaking the whole laptop.

What's your experience with this?



I don't quite understand your question. If your inquiry is about repair cost estimates and you have concerns, it is recommended to inquire again with the repair center. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.