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ASUS ROG Strix G513 CPU temperature

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Laptop: Asus rog strix g513 CPU: Ryzen 7 mobile 4800h Purchased 2 years ago, during this time I monitored the temperature, and during gaming I saw “peaks” of CPU temperature rise to 102-103C. I saw it using the HWMonitor program. What do “temperature rise peaks” mean? For example, during a game the temperature stays in the range of 85-95C, but sometimes there are temperature spikes for a few seconds, and the program records a rise to 103C. Late last year, temperatures began to rise higher during such peaks, up to 106C. I read on the Internet that the maximum temperature for this processor is 105C. In my case, throttling did not happened. Twice a year I cleaned the coolers of dust, but this did not help reduce the temperature. I decided to change the thermal paste, but as it turned out, liquid metal was applied at the factory, I removed it, applied thermal paste, and temperature dropped to 102C during these peak rises. Yesterday, 2 months after replacing the thermal paste, a temperature of 107.2C was recorded I'm worried about whether these temperature spikes will harm my laptop, and I have a few questions: Has anyone encountered such temperature spikes on the same laptop? Are they safe? Can the processor burn out from such a load? Perhaps something is configured incorrectly in my Armory Crate program, I attach screenshot What do you recommend to do in my situation?


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I would suggest you find out safe operating temp for your Ryzen Cpu, You might need unvolt your system.

If you look on the Asus forums some laptop users are doing this because of high temps.

Check this video out as well if you think the thermal paste isn't doing the job properly