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Zenbook pro so slow

Star I
I Purchased a new Zenbook duo pro UX582 from HIDevolution a few months ago. Sent way over budget figuring it would be worth it for an amazing machine.
However, I am almost unable to use it for the main purposes that I purchased it for. Load times for everything is slow, and often even opening folders I get the hourglass. It's so slow and frustrating. And if I get a half hour to an hour out of the battery normal use I am lucky.
I've updated, even the BIOS, tried everything possible even system mechanic and still I'm just more suffering from buyer's remorse than happiness. I know that this computer should be snappy and fulfilling to use and I'm at a loss for what to do.
The programs I havd the most problems with are Unity, Wwise, FMOD, and cakewalk. It just hangs up so much and work takes forever. It's like the general computing equivalent of goung back to dial up.
It games fairly well once loading is accomplished.
Perhaps my expectations are just too high, but I wish I had ahopwd more and not spent $3500 + for these frustrations.
Any suggestins on common issues in these respects or how to request a refund and shop for something else would be most appreciated.
I'm a sad and disappointed customer, still hoping to be impressed.