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Weird boot/power state issues with TUF x570 pro wifi

Star I

I recently purchased a refurbished mobo (had limited funds to spend...) to replace a Gigabyte x570 gaming that was damaged due to a PSU failure last month. The Asus mobo only boots normally after I disable the bios setting "press F1 to boot after error" (or something like that...), but I never see any error messages and don't know how to view or thus fix them. Besides this weird power issue the PC works great...

The "new" Asus 570 board seems stable and alleviated all the errors I was having with the Gigbyte board (secure boot errors, not powering down or going to sleep properly). It has passed many rounds of stress testing with 3d mark, prime 95, windows mem test and some casual gaming. It works great, is all up to date (bios, win11, chipset, GPU etc drivers), scores average on 3d mark, temps are good and it never crashes or BSODs or anything of the sort in windows. However, it won't always start or restart normally (I have to press the reset button, then it boots normally). 

In the BIOS there is a setting "press F1 after errors" that I disabled, and now it boots normally...but I never saw a message about pressing F1 at boot and pressing F1 wouldn't start the computer or anything else either.

Is there a setting I am missing or is this maybe a windows issue?


Star I

After some more testing realized the hardware was not the issue since it would boot fine from bios, and the bios setting was a red herring that made no difference...

Clean/fresh install of windows fixed it...up and running without errors.