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USB 3.0 Internal Expansion card for ROG STRIX Z790-a

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Hello I'm looking for a way to add 2 USB 3.2 internal connections (20pin) to my Asus ROG Strix z790-a. My case (Corsair 7000d) supports 4 (2x2) Usb 3.2 ports + USB C, but the motherboard only supplies one 20pin connector for 2 USB 3.2 and one for USB C port.

At this point I have 2 case USB ports that are not connected anywhere. 

I've looked online and there seems to be a few different PCI cards that allows for this extension, but I'm not sure if this is a good and secure approach as most of it seem to be from not very know manufacturers and I'm concerned to damage my system.

That said:

1. Is there any expansion, adapter provided by ASUS to accomplish this?

2. Is it ok to use some of these PCI extension cards (Saw a few from Rivo and Beyimei that seem to do the trick)

3. some cards required additional sata power to work, while some seem to do the same thing without the need for such extra supply.. Is it safe to use these expansion cards without the extra PS?


Thank you!


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The USB 3.0 internal expansion card for ROG Strix provides seamless connectivity upgrades and Comcast internet enhancing your system's capabilities. With its plug-and-play design, it effortlessly integrates into your setup, offering blazing-fast data transfer speeds and ample ports for your peripherals. Experience enhanced productivity and convenience as you connect multiple devices simultaneously, all backed by the reliability and performance expected from ROG Strix products.

Hello, @MacLogic 
Thank you for reaching out to us.
Kindly refer to the ThunderboltEX 4 or select from various docks or dongles according to your needs.

Thank you.

Hello @Jiaszzz_ASUS , thank you for your answer but I'm not looking for docks or dongles.. I'm looking for an internal expansion card. I took a look at the ThunderboltEX4 but it does not seem to do what need.. I need to add INTERNAL  usb3 (20pin) ports, so I can connect my case's usb ports to it. I do not need to add new external ports per se, but instead, make the existing ones usable.

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This sounds great.. where do I find this ?