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Update bios Asus TUF Gaming B760-Plus

Star I

Hello I want to buy tuf gaming b760-plus with 14700k. The bios version must be upgrade to support this cpu but the specific motherboard has not usb bios plug . Is there other way to update bios to post the pc???



Hello, @Pokopikos 

Upon checking the CPU QVL for TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS, it indicates that the BIOS version supporting the I7-14700K is 1205 and further versions.
For guidance on updating the BIOS, kindly refer to "11.1 EZ Flash 3" in the PRIME PROART TUF GAMING INTEL 700 Series BIOS Manual ( English Edition ), or you can visit [Motherboard/Desktop] ASUS EZ Flash 3 - Introduction for detailed instructions.

Thank you.

its first build ... i dont think so that the pc will restart with the default bios version (does not support 14700k). some motherboards have usb bios update . this motherboard does not have it. can i upgrade bios version without ez flash?? 

Star II

Mine is a B760M-PLUS WIFI D4.  In that bios, I can update it but the best way to get the correct update file is to go to the ASUS support page where it asks for your serial number.  When you put that in, it will direct you to the correct downloads page for your board.  Once downloaded, extract files to a CLEAN USB drive and place in your PC.  Do a boot up and go to bios, use EZ flash.  It's under the Advanced, then TOOLS.  Direct it to where your USB drive is, look for the file and you should be able to flash/update your bios.