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Question about ASUS TUF B360 PRO GAMING and bios update

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I have BIOS version 1502, and I also want to install Windows 11. Do I need to update my BIOS to the latest version or not? Also, what is ME, and do I need to update it too?



Hello, @knestor 

Due to the ongoing local holidays in our area, my response time may experience delays.
I apologize for any inconvenience the delayed replies may have caused.
Upon verification, the TUF B360-PRO GAMING is confirmed to support upgrading to Windows 11, and the official support page provides corresponding driver versions.
For guidance on upgrading to Windows 11, we recommend referring to the following two FAQs:
[Motherboard] Which ASUS model supports Windows 11 and how to setup TPM 2.0 in BIOS?
ASUS Motherboards Ready for Windows 11
Based on the latest BIOS 3101 instructions, it's recommended to update the Intel ME firmware first.
Therefore, we suggest updating to the latest version of Intel ME firmware, Version, before proceeding with the BIOS update.
For detailed instructions, please refer to [Motherboard] Intel® Management Engine Firmware Update Instructions (ME).

Thank you.

Thanks for responding!
I apologize for my english. 
But what is the difference between MEUpdateTool in the Firmware section and MEUpdateTool in the Intel ME section? Should i use MEUpdateTool in Firmware section to update it?

Also wanted to know, if I successfully installed Windows 11 a year ago and it worked fine, do I even need to update the ME and bios? It's just a bit scary to update the bios as there might be a chance that it won't install correctly.

Hello, @knestor 

The Intel ME firmware and the Intel ME driver are not the same.
Please update the Intel ME firmware through the official website's support page > Driver & Utility > BIOS & FIRMWARE > Intel ME.
If you have successfully installed and operated Windows 11, there may be no need to upgrade the BIOS or Intel ME firmware.
However, considering the information in the BIOS version description related to Windows 11 updates, please assess your usage scenario to confirm if an update is necessary.

Please refer to [Motherboard] How to update BIOS of the motherboard ?(Include different generation CPU) if needed.

Thank you.