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Dp cord audio problem

I can't hear any audio when I connect my dp cord. But I have video. When I use hdmi I have both

Rmm11 by Star I
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Specs discrepancy

I am reaching out to seek clarification on the specifications of two of the motherboards: ProArt Z790-Creator WiFi and ProArt B760-Creator. Memory Capacity Discrepancy: There appears to be conflicting information regarding the memory capacity of thes...

Alanx22 by Star I
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Resolved! Default BMC IP Address and Credentials

Hello everyone,i understand that i entering the wrong location to ask about server, but i hope someone could help me.I'm going to deploy Asus ESC N8-E11 servers in my data center. Please let me know the default IP Address of the BMC and the credentia...

amsidhi by Star I
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Need help step by step on how to set up Virtual RAID on CPU for NVME SSD on Board + NVME SSD on PCIe on an RS720-E10-RS12 server.I've tried all the instructions, but the SSD doesn't show up in the RAID System.Note :- MB : Z12PP-D32- BIOS : Latest- On...

NO boot without CLEAR CMOS

Hello,I've shut down my PC and when I wanted to turn it on the next day it would not turn on.It will boot perfectly if I do a clear CMOS but when the pc turns off it will not boot.I've swapped out my GPU with a spare one and it has no effect. also tr...

Resolved! Unsealed packaging of the product

Good afternoon!I purchased the motherboard on the ASUS ROG STRIX B650E-E GAMING WIFI and was surprised to find that the box was not sealed. The antistatic bag was not sealed either. There are no signs of operation on the motherboard itself, and the s...

CPU Power LED Blinking 3 times before normal boot

Hello, I just bought a new motherboard from Asus and built my new PC, what I encountered is the CPU Power Led will blink 3 times before normal boot to Windows, what could be the issue?  

SW2024 by Star I
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Multiple Monitors connected to Motherboard and GPU

Hello,I have a question which I am almost certain that it would work without any problems but I just want to make sure before I purchase a GPU and a monitor. So here goes,I have 3 display ports in Motherboard (Asus prime B760M-A wifi) which are all c...

KT420 by Star II
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