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Pro Q670M-C-CSM - missing from the SATA to RAID switching menu

Advance -> PCH Storage configuration -> SATA Configuration (MISSING)  SATA to RAID switching menuIntel RST 19.5 - no disks connected to systemThe hardware Raid is indicated on the manufacturer’s website and in the documentation. There is no switching...

OlegG by Star I
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Asus Prime B650M-A II

Just recently built my pc, if I use nvme slot 1 my nvme ssd doesn't get recognized if i use nvme slot 2 the nvme ssd gets recognized. Is there a configuration in the motherboard that needs to be adjusted because i plan to add another 1tb nvme ssd gen...

Sciruz by Star I
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Disable thunderbolt power supply on ProArt X570

Hi, I need to disable the thunderbolt power supply . I have a Sonnet Echo III with a RME sound in it and I have sound buzzing. I test the thunderbolt Echo III on mac and when the macbook is on DC power the buzz is gone.So I'm sure now that it's comin...

tibo1 by Star I
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ROG Strix B550-A Gaming never boots

Hi, I’m facing on a problem that Q-LED boot lamp lights green, and the motherboard never boots, never enters UEFI with pushing F2 and Del key.I’ve tried anything I can do like, changing SATA cable, changing the port, removing ALL USB devices, BIOS Fl...

z790-A :: wmic bios get serialnumber returns nothing

So I got my brand with a z790-A. I am trying to get the system serial by executeing wmic bios get serialnumber in the console as superadmin but it returns nothingPS: i have updated the bios to latest version and still can't find anything helpful is t...

RAID in BIOS Setup

need help to configure raid  setup for my mother board 

Sengu by Star I
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Can't boot after first time on AM5

Hello there. I built a PC with an Asus Prime B650 Plus, Ryzen 7700x, 32GB Corsair @4800mhz and an AMD 6800XT.I updated the motherboard BIOS version from 0823 to 1811 and I can't get the PC to boot after the first time. The first time the PC boots, it...

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1990eam by Star I
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Z10PE-D16 WS follow on product

I've been using an ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS motherboard since 2017 and feel like it's time to upgrade.  Are there any plans for ASUS to offer something similar for the intel LGA 4677 / 7529 socket?  ASRock offers the SP2C741D16X-2T that supports dual socket...