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USB-C cable type for ZenScreen

ZenScreen MB16AMT. I assume it needs a PD-type cable to function? I've used mine interchangeably with the PD cable from my wife's notebook... unforunately she left her cable at the office and has absconded mine and I need to come up with a spare. Usi...

ASUS ROG PG27AQDM - HDR Color Banding/Posterization

Hello! I'm writing about an issue with the ASUS ROG PG27AQDM monitor that i cannot seem to find much on.I'm experiencing pretty bad issues in regards to color reproduction in HDR mode, heavy colour banding & posterization, etc.

Yhoski by Star I
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Monitor stuck at 144hz on DP?

Hey there!I have an ROG STRIX G15 2022 G513RM laptop and a VG259QM monitor. I was using the monitor via the HDMI port on the laptop until now with no issues. 240HZ 1080p. I wanted to try out the G-SYNC capabilities for the monitor, so I bought a Type...

itchel by Star I
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ProArt Display PA24US - Relase & USA Availability?

Will the ProArt Display PA24US be sold in USA and if so, is there a projected release date? I have not been able to find much information on this monitor in general outside of the Asus Global website.ProArt Display PA24US|Monitors|ASUS Global 

AMN_86 by Star I
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Windows 10 display drivers...

I need a Windows 10 display driver for my B53S laptop. Anyone know where I can find one?

MikeA by Star I
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VP32AQ won't let me select 60hz

Hi communityI own 2 VP32AQ and the only option available is 59.95 Hz and I need to select 60 HzNvidia control panel is already set to 60 Hz but I still dont have available the option for 60 Hz (I only have the option for 59.95 Hz)Win 11 64Nvidia Gefo...

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Monitor not saving/enabling overclock to 280Hz in the OSD settings

I'm using ASUS TUF VG279QM, which has a native refresh rate of 240Hz but can be overclocked to 280Hz in the OSD settings. I've been using the monitor on 280Hz for about a year now, but I turned the overclocking setting off for testing purposes.Now, f...

lamar4 by Star I
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mb169b+ can use USB-C Cable?

Hello,I just wonder if mb169b+, the portable monitor, can use USB-C Cable.Precisely, if I use USB-B to USB-C Cable for mb169b+, will it be working safely?

ASUS ProArt PA32UCG monitor calibration

I am calibrating an ASUS ProArt PA32UCG monitor, with the supplied Xrite display probe,and Asus calibration software ver 1.0.11. The OS is macOS Monterey. To be used with Resolve Studio ver 18What is the recommended brightness setting for REC 709?I w...