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Summertime is time for fun! Whether you’re traveling to an adventure-packed family trip, or chilling-out in a cozy café with friends, try these quick and easy tips with your PixelMaster Camera to get picture-perfect, professionally looking snapshots ready for sharing!

Indoor photo-taking tip – capture the perfect selfie

Using PixelMaster’s Beautification mode, you can brighten up your face to have that radiant skin tone, minimize fine lines due to air-conditioning dryness, or get rid of the oiliness because of the humid summer weather. Add a touch of blush to your cheeks and you will get that fresh matte makeup finish for your perfect selfie!


Outdoor photo taking tip – vertical panoramas

With PixelMaster’s Panorama feature, you can capture amazing sights completely, vertically, including the surrounding beautiful landscape. This feature allows you to pan the entire scene, taking all that height in full, so you can photograph picturesque sites against amazing natural backdrops!

Have a blast this summer, capture professional-looking photos indoor or outdoor with a tap using PixelMaster!

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