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Thinking of a personalized graduation gift for your friends and yourself? Create a DIY photobook using the newest Graduation themed templates from PhotoCollage! Pick your favorite photos, apply the templates, personalize the graphics and captions. Create print-ready files without the need of any publishing software!



Add your creative flair using PhotoCollage’s intuitive quick preview and editing tools. Check out these useful tips and tricks to help you create a photobook in very simple steps!

Tip #1: On your collage, select a photo then tap Filters or Effects in the toolbar to directly apply the magic to your photos.








Tip #2: Unleash your creativity by tapping on the graphics to resize, rotate, or move them around as you want.




Tip #3: Make the captions more personal! Tap on the captions to change the wordings, fonts, colors etc. using the text editing toolbar at the bottom. You can even add your own messages by tapping the text button!





Tip #4: Spice up your collage by tapping the sticker button to add colorful and fun stickers from our collections.





Tip #5: With the handy instant preview feature, you can switch around different templates while keeping all the photo edits you have done. Simply tap the magazine template button to try out all the available templates.





When you’re done editing, remember to save your collage so you can print them out whenever you’re ready. It’s that quick and easy!

Keep your precious graduation moments alive by making an easy DIY photobook using PhotoCollage! Download the latest version now!








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