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Please follow the steps below to create a new album in Gallery :

1. Launch Gallery and open the album that contains the photos which you want to copy or move to a new album.

2. Tap the following icon then select the photos that you want to move or copy.


3. Tap  the following steps  >  “Move to…/Copy to…” > Tap New album.
Note: To avoid the file damage caused by sudden power outage or other unexpected interruptions, it is recommended to use Copy to when moving a large number of photos to a new album. You can remove those photos later when the new album is created and the photos are copied successfully.


4. Enter the album name then tap OK. If you want to save photos at another type of storage, such as SD card, tap MicroSD in “Save to”.

Note: If you want to delete the album but keep photos stored inside, ensure to make the copy of the photos in another album before removing it from Gallery.

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