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The PowerMaster function in Mobile Manager is a battery-related management tool. You can also check and analyze the setting status of ZenFone and optimize the power performance to prolong the battery life.

In addition, you can use the battery power more efficiently by selecting the battery mode based on how you use the phone.



Scan function allows you to check and analyze the current setting status of ZenFone and makes the necessary settings to reduce battery power consumption.



Auto-start Manager:

The Auto-start Manager can disable the automatic start of the application, and it can suppress the battery consumption.

By clicking the switch next to the application list, you can disable Automatic Start feature for any specific app; or by clickling "All apps", you can stop Automatic Start feature for all applications.


Battery modes:

Battery mode contains "Performance", "Normal", "Power saving", "Super saving", and "Customized" modes.

By selecting the mode according to the situation, you can use the battery more efficiently.


Power-safe technology:

ZenFone is equipped with Power-safe technology. It is a protection function which allows you to use it safely for terminal body, adapter, charging, etc.


Battery-saving options:

In the Battery-saving options, you can do the settings such as reducing battery consumption.

The function listed in "Quick settings" can be switched on/off with just one tap.

In addition, it can perform optimized setting to suppress the consumption of the battery.


Battery care:

By enabling Battery care function, battery life can be extended.

For more details of Battery care, please refer to the following link: 

[ZenFone] ZenUI 5 ─ What is Battery care?

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