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For Power Saver versions 1.2 or below.

The differences of battery modes may vary with models and/or versions. To check your Power Saver’s version, tap and hold  from the All apps screen then drag it to App info on the top of the Home screen.

  1. Performance Mode
    This mode uses the device to its maximum capability, providing the highest performance, but using the most power.
  2. Balanced Mode
    This mode takes a balanced approach in managing battery life and performance.  The screen's brightness will be automatically dimmed by a small amount to preserve battery life. Your device’s battery life will be longer than in Performance mode.
  3. Smart-saving mode
    Customize your own settings by tapping the Settings button. Settings include Screen Brightness, Push notifications, and Standby options.
  4. Ultra-saving mode
    Maximizes battery life by disabling some background processes and choosing which ones you still want to process.

    Note: Instant messages from providers such as Facebook, Line, etc., e-mails, location, or other notifications will not be received unless the app is specifically launched. Vibrate alerts will be disabled and the network connection will also be disconnected when the screen is off.
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