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ASUS Cover offers users the most efficient way to seize all information you need. It gives you instant access to app notifications, weather and calendar information,in addition to quickly switching modes among Sound/Vibration/Mute, and using flashlight via touchscreen gestures is also available.

You can set up which notifications and function you'd like to access via Settings > ASUS Cover. You can also check your battery power status via ASUS Cover — the color at the edge of circle will decrease/ increase to indicate current battery power .

To use ASUS Cover app on your ZenFone, official ASUS cover accessory is necessary.3 kinds of official cover accessories that support all the features offered by the ASUS Cover app and show as below:
  1. Official ASUS Cover with cover view

    [ASUS Cover for ZenFone 3]
  1. Official ASUS Cover without cover view but with edge lighting effect

    ASUS Cover app also offers edge light effect that shows you any incoming calls and charging status. It blinks in the dark when there's incoming call in case you won't miss any.This can be used for official ASUS Covers, as shown below, which do not have a cover view.
  1. Official ASUS flip cover

    ASUS flip cover only supports basic function. You can set up available functions on Settings > ASUS Cover.

Note: If you use a non-official cover accessory, some functions may not work properly. Check out the official ASUS website to see the latest ASUS official cover accessory.
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