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There are 2 ways you can set up the ROG Kunai Gamepad buttons to correspond with the on screen virtual keys for games.


First method : Set Key Mapping manually

1. Connect the ROG Kunai Gamepad to your phone. Tap Armoury Crate from the Home screen, and launch a game.

2. Swipe in from the left edge to call out Game Genie, tap Key Mapping.


3. Press a button on the GamePad to bring out the corresponding virtual button on screen. For example, press the Y key on the GamePad and the corresponding key will appear on the screen. 


4. Drag this button to any specific touch point for the game. For example, you want the Y button to represent the virtual key at the bottom right of the screen, drag the Y button to there. When the set up is in progress, the virtual button is in red. Tap elsewhere on the screen and the virtual button will turn black to indicate that the setting is complete.


You can repeat steps 1-4 above with all the buttons on ROG Kunai Gamepad, in order to cover all the virtual keys of the game. Then toggle to turn on (#1) Key Mapping and exit (#2) the editing bar.


Second method : Click the “+” on the editing bar for preset keys

1. Connect the ROG Kunai Gamepad to your phone and launch a game. Swipe in from left edge to call out Game Genie.
2. Tap Key Mapping.
3. Tap “+” on the editing bar, it will display 3 functions:
3.1 Arrow keys -> Use the left joystick to control the direction of movement. (Tap lightly to adjust the size of Arrow keys)
3.2 Perspective control -> Use the right joystick to adjust viewing perspectives. (Tap lightly to adjust sensitivity)
3.3 MOBA Skills -> Link left and right joysticks to release MOBA characters' skill set. (MOBA: multiplayer online battle arena)


To delete the virtual buttons:
Long press then drag the button to the editing bar and a delete icon will appear.  


Note: If the game itself supports the ROG Kunai Gamepad, it is recommended to turn off Key Mapping (as shown below) to use the preset buttons configuration.

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