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[NUC] Get Started With NUC 13 Compute Element ELM13IB

​​​Here's a checklist for you to get started using your NUC 13 Compute Elements ELM13IBi7,  ELM13IBi5,  ELM13IBi3,  ELM13IBv7,  ELM13IBv5,  ELM13IBIP,  ELM13IBIPE,  ELM13IBi5E,  ELM13IBi3E,  ELM13IBv7E:

  • Find technical information about NUC 13 Compute Element ELM13IB in product specification.
  • To find compatible tested peripherals, check the Product Compatibility Tool. See the table below for links.
  • Download and install the latest BIOS version. See table below for links to bios downloads.
  • Install the latest device drivers from Download Center (see table below) for:
    • Chipset
    • Management Engine
    • Graphics
    • Wireless
    • Bluetooth®—required if you use Bluetooth devices
    • Serial I/O—required if you use the I2C, SPI, UART, or GPIO host controllers
  • Install an operating system:
ELM13IBi7Download CenterCompatibility tool
ELM13IBi5Download CenterCompatibility tool
ELM13IBi3Download CenterCompatibility tool
ELM13IBv7Download CenterCompatibility tool
ELM13IBv5Download CenterCompatibility tool
ELM13IBIPDownload CenterCompatibility tool
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