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When there’s no available seat on subway and you can hold your device with only one hand ;under such circumstances,One Hand Mode offers you easy operation and it is convenient and useful if you are in a rush or busy with two things at the same time. It allows you to use one hand to operate your device. After this function activated, size of user interface turns smaller for earier use with one hand. You can choose display to show on either left side or right side of screen for one hand operation according to your personal habit.

There are two ways to activate One Hand Mode in your screen:

  • via Quick trigger- by double clicking the Home key  
  • via Quick settings panel

The Quick trigger is disabled by default. You need to enable the Quick trigger first if you want to use the  icon in launching the One Hand Mode.


  1. Launch Settings > ZenMotion > One Hand Mode.
  2. On the One Hand Mode screen, tap Quick trigger.

  3. Double-tap   to launch One Hand Mode.

    Note: Defalut screen of One Hand Mode is positioned on the left 


Follow below steps to launch One Hand Mode via the Quick settings panel:

  1. Swipe down the notification bar twice to launch Quick settings panel.
  2. Tap  to launch One Hand Mode.

You can modify/adjust your One Hand Mode screen, and enlarge/decrease the screen or move it from left to right and vice-versa depending on the strong hand you frequently use.

To modify One Hand Mode screen:

  •  Tap and hold the white bar then drag it to the side of the screen to move the One Hand Mode screen in either side,.

  • To expand the One Hand Mode screen, tap and hold the triangle-shaped side of white bar then drag it to enlarge.

    Note: Yellow marker in above screenshot indicates the size of the screen that you wish to display.
  • To exit One Hand Mode, tap .


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